Rhonda Gallant-Morari

Saskatchewan Singer-Songwriter


New to the performing side of original music, Rhonda has rediscovered a love of not only writing music, but sharing it as well.

As a girl, Rhonda wrote and sang songs.  But, when university, family and a career called, her music making was left to marinate until she was ready to cook with it!  Life has become the ingredients. 

A wife and mother of four, Rhonda writes about the many experiences and emotions that come with raising a family and loving the same man for over 30 years. Her deep faith in Christ weaves its way through many of her songs.

At mid life it may seem strange for someone to get into music but Rhonda asks, “Why not?”.  She feels that the act of creating does not stop at a certain age. Rhonda is out to prove that!


We do not cease to play because we grow old. We grow old because we cease to play.

George Bernard Shaw